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Consent and Patient Rights

A patient is allowed to refuse treatment at any time. The patient is allowed to bring a chaperone with them into the treatment room. The patient can be covered in a gown or towel if they request it. Consent is always requested by the osteopath for all the different technique approaches used in osteopathic treatments. Risk assessment is outlined to the patient making clear of the appropriateness of the technique for their condition.

Intimate Examinations / Treatment

If an intimate exam is required of the pelvic area or intra oral cavity then written consent is required from the patient. This consent is requested after sufficient time has been given to the patient to consider the nature of the exam and what it involves.

Any further treatment for such a condition is based on informed consent being consistently required for each stage of the procedure.

A patient can always refuse such examination and/or treatment at any stage. Any alternative approaches to treatment or necessary clinical referrals can be made by the osteopath to you if consent is removed.


All information data gathered from your appointment is confidential and is stored according to current guidelines under GDPR and GOsC regulations.


If you wish to make a complaint you can do so first through the clinic at the earliest time. If you feel your complaint has not been dealt with sufficiently you can contact GOsC and talk to their counsellors and receive information regarding how best you can proceed.